Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Revolution DLC

  Hey, dudes, I got the season pass for Black Ops 2 a little while back, and now the time has come...Revolution is here. The first map pack for COD is a pretty darn good one, I got to play 2 of the 4 multiplayer maps, namely Hydro and Grind.

  I wasn't totally impressed with Hydro, mostly just because I kept getting killed. The map is a hydroelectric plant, which makes for some intriguing gameplay, including a part of the map that has water flowing through it, and at a certain time after the game has started, said water flows extremely fast, killing everything in it's wake.

  Grind is set in a skatepark. There aren't many corners in this map, most of everything is rounded, with terrain including ramps, and halfpipes and the like. I really like the no corners thing, as it adds some nifty cover opportunities.

  Included in the map pack is a new gun, entitled the Peacekeeper, a hybrid between an SMG and an Assault Rifle. the thing packs a pretty good punch, with good maneuverability to boot, but I'm gonna stick with my PDW-57.

  I also got my hands on the new zombies map and mode, Die Rise is what I played first, and it is awesome, now I only got into the 10th round, but those rounds were filled with joy. The map introduces steep drops and verticality, a first for zombies, this new found dimension adds another element of paranoia to the gameplay.

  I also tried out the new mode, entitled Turned. Turned is a game that is reminiscent to a game of tag you might have enjoyed with your childhood chums...if said chums were human eating monstrosities. The gameplay consists of you and some other human players that start off as zombies, the first one to find the cure becomes a human and must fend off the other players, once the human (it) gets killed by the undead hooligans, the hooligan that killed him gains the gift of life, and must fend off the undead. Each kill you make, and every time you become human, you get points, when the time runs out, the person with the most points wins.

  All in all, I like this new addition. If you own an Xbox, you should buy it. if you don't then you're out of luck.
  This is Matt, with game corner, signing off.

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